Apostasy in Sudan

Islam and Apostasy

The sad case of Meriam Yehya Ibrahim Ishag in Sudan has once again raised the vexed issue of conversion and apostasy within Islam.  The news that she has given birth to a baby girl in jail coincides with a lecture by Tim Green tomorrow (May 29th) at the Centre for Muslim-Christian Studies on the subject of Issues Faced […]

Satan, the evil impulse, the fallen condition: what needs to be transformed?

The starter topic for last Friday’s Tea and Conversation was the reality (or otherwise) of evil powers.  S had been to a meeting about Muslims and mental health at which ‘secular’ professionals had been somewhat at sea in dealing with Muslim concerns about jinn possession.  Z had been told by a Jewish person that Judaism had little space for Satan, and wanted to know […]

Easter Reflection: God and Politics

Can Cameron “put God back into politics”?

As we approach Easter it seems that religion is suddenly back on the front page.  Nationally the PM, David Cameron, has generously decided to “put God back into politics” and said that “Britain should be unashamedly evangelical about its Christian faith”.  Here in Oxford the more local headline was “Crucifixion? You’ll need a permit”.  […]

Symposium Review: Some Reflections

Four Quick Lessons…

Around 60 people attended the December 7th symposium on Muslim Views of the Bible: past and present (anyone who wishes can listen to three of the four talks here).

Obviously we could only touch on some of the issues in such a broad area of research, but some important themes came out. Looking back on the day, I was glad […]


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