A project to research and disseminate Christian and Muslim attitudes, responses and reasoning concerning topics of shared interest in the public sphere


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What is the Scope?

This project focuses on Christian and Muslim responses to issues in public life in the United Kingdom. It includes a broad range of practitioners, leaders and academics in both communities but has a particular emphasis on those who consider their faith to be unique in some way and who are frustrated with political correctness and reductionist unity.

The expected audience includes:

  • Christians – Christian specialists, practitioners, academics, church leaders and interested church members who want to grapple with the complexity and diversity of Christian and Muslim responses to issues of national importance, including those from minority communities
  • Muslims – Muslims who are concerned about the issues and who want to understand Christian responses
  • Policy makers – those in public life who want to seriously engage with faith thinking on key issues
  • Media – journalists interested in understanding the diversity of thinking within Christian and Muslim communities

    What are the Aims?

    The aims of the research are to:

      • improve the quality of discussion about important topics of interest to Christians and Muslims in public life;
      • provide resources that will inform the discussion;
      • enable Christians, Muslims and others to do the thinking required to develop good policies with respect to these topics in the arenas of faith leadership, education, public policy, media and government; and
      • include a diverse range of voices in the discussion not normally heard in interfaith conversation.


    What is the Need?

    Christians and Muslims are both concerned about issues in public life related to their religious convictions including, for example, education, law, social integration, political representation, the economy, diplomatic policies and so on. However, voices in both communities are becoming increasingly polarised and, in an age of sound bites and social media echo chambers, nuanced discussion and considered opinion forming are becoming increasingly difficult. This project aims to inform and resource Christian and Muslim opinion formation on key topics of mutual interest. The project aspires to academic rigour, applicability and yet non-specialist accessibility.


    Project Director

    Dr. Richard McCallumRMcC200x200

    Richard is a Senior Fellow at the Centre for Muslim-Christian Studies and is engaged in projects looking at inter-faith impact, theological education and Christian responses to Islam. He teaches at various theological colleges and is director of the Oxford Muslim-Christian Summer School. In addition he speaks on various topics connected to the sociology of religion and provides inter-cultural training for companies working in the Arab world.

    Strategic Support

    Jill Dhell

    Having been a civil servant for much of her career, Jill supports strategy development in Christian- Muslim relations as a free-lance consultant. In addition, she is closely involved with the Christian Muslim Forum.