Our periodical publication containing 3 short articles on a theme in Muslim-Christian studies and a review of a relevant book


The Briefings are designed to make available short, interesting and accessible research articles on important themes on the Muslim-Christian interface. In addition, these publications offer readers some insight into the kind of work we do at the Centre. When possible, our Multimediasection also makes recordings of our seminars and lectures available to stream and download.

Each issue of our Research Briefings will be made available in print and online. An online copy is free to download and is in PDF format (you will need Adobe Reader to view the PDF). A hard copy is available for free at our Centre, but if you would like it posted the cost is £5 to cover production and postage.




An Islamic Commentary on Galatians: A Muslim Philosopher Reads Paul (Shabbir Akhtar)

Kenneth Cragg’s Critique of Muhammad as Statesman (Shabbir Akhtar)

Is Bible Study Ḥalāl (Al-Hussaini)

Christian-Muslim relations and Oxford University Museums (James Allan)

Religion, Media and Perspectivism (Abber al-Najjar)

Democracy in Egypt, Theory and Reality (Bishop Angaelos)

Revelation in Christianity and Islam (Mahmoud Ayoub)

Kenneth Cragg’s Islam (Dan Brown)

Islamic Courts in Kenya and Tanzania (John Chesworth)

Admitted truth Dealing with the overlaps between Christians and Muslims (David Coffey)

Personal Narratives and their Potential for Dialogue Stories told by Young Muslim Women (Sariya Contractor)

Hope for Muslim-Christian Relations (Kenneth Cragg)

Permission to Live Under Christian Rule, Views of a Medieval Muslim Jurist (Steve Gertz)

Not Just an Interesting Exercise (Ida Glaser)

Taking up the Cross and Serving Others (Ida Glaser)

Transforming Prophethood Reading the Transfiguration Alongside Islamic Texts (Ida Glaser)

Dialogue and Politics in Egypt ( Henrik Hansen)

Can Non-Muslims be Saved (Jon Hoover)

Governing Diverse Communities A Medieval Muslim Illustration (Shainool Jiwa)

Voluntary Sharī‘a Muslim Attitudes in South-west Nigeria (Abdul-Fatah ‘Kola Makinde)

Socio-Historical Contexts in Legal Reasoning, Ibn Qayyim al-Jawziyya and `Abd al-Ghanī al-Nābulusī on dhimmis (Nazirudin Mohd Nasir)

Muslim, Christian and Jewish Physicians on Wine (Daniel Nicolae)

Egypt and the Challenges of Democracy (Tariq Ramadan)

Outsider Queen, Judge of Jewish Leaders, or Convert to Islam (Sarah Snyder)

Jesus, My Wāsṭa Applying a Middle Eastern Cultural Concept to the New Testament (Ekkardt Sonntag)

In what ways might following the example of Jesus transform Christian-Muslim Relationships (Various)

Muslim Approaches to the Bible (Martin Whittingham)

So you want to read about . . . Muslim-Christian Relations in North Africa (Malcolm Williams)