Nickel, 2011, Narratives of Tampering

Nickel, Gordon, 2011, Narratives of Tampering in the Earliest Commentaries of the Qur’an , Brill, Leiden, 255pp, £96.35, hb
The Muslim accusation of the corruption or deliberate falsification of pre-Qur’ānic scriptures has been a major component of interfaith polemic for a millenium or more. The accusation has frequently sought attestation from a series of “tampering” verses in the Qur’ān. Investigation of […]

Symposium Review: Some Reflections

Four Quick Lessons…

Around 60 people attended the December 7th symposium on Muslim Views of the Bible: past and present (anyone who wishes can listen to three of the four talks here).

Obviously we could only touch on some of the issues in such a broad area of research, but some important themes came out. Looking back on the day, I was glad […]