Lodahl – Claiming Abraham

Lodahl, Michael, 2010, Claiming Abraham: Reading the Bible and the Qur’an Side by Side , Grand Rapids: Brazos, 240pp, pb
Many of the Bible’s characters and stories are also found in the Qur’an, but there are often different details or new twists in the Islamic retelling of biblical narrative. In Claiming Abraham, seasoned theologian Michael Lodahl explores these fascinating divergences to […]

Nickel, 2011, Narratives of Tampering

Nickel, Gordon, 2011, Narratives of Tampering in the Earliest Commentaries of the Qur’an , Brill, Leiden, 255pp, £96.35, hb
The Muslim accusation of the corruption or deliberate falsification of pre-Qur’ānic scriptures has been a major component of interfaith polemic for a millenium or more. The accusation has frequently sought attestation from a series of “tampering” verses in the Qur’ān. Investigation of […]

Cragg, The Event of the Qur’an, 1971

Cragg, Kenneth, 1971, The Event of the Qur’an, George Allen and Unwin, London, 208pp, £24.99, pb
When ‘The Event of the Qur’an’ was published in 1971, there were only a few introductions to the Qur’an. These introductions approached the Qur’an as a product of its seventh century Arabian context. Bishop Kenneth Cragg also understands the Qur’an through an Arabian context, but […]

Cragg, 1973, The Mind of the Qur’an

Cragg, Kenneth, 1973, The Mind of the Qur’an , George Allen and Unwin, London, 209pp
The Mind of the Qur’an is the second of two books written by Bishop Kenneth Cragg during a period of study as a Bye-Fellow of Gonville and Caius College, Cambridge. The first book, ‘The Event of the Qur’an’, relates the content of the Qur’an to its […]

Apostasy in Sudan

Islam and Apostasy

The sad case of Meriam Yehya Ibrahim Ishag in Sudan has once again raised the vexed issue of conversion and apostasy within Islam.  The news that she has given birth to a baby girl in jail coincides with a lecture by Tim Green tomorrow (May 29th) at the Centre for Muslim-Christian Studies on the subject of Issues Faced […]


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