Griffith, 2013, The Bible in Arabic

The Bible in Arabic: the scriptures of the ‘People of the Book’ in the language of Islam.  Griffith, S.  Princeton, NJ.  Princeton University Press.  2013. 255pp. £19.55. Hb
From the first centuries of Islam to well into the Middle Ages, Jews and Christians produced hundreds of manuscripts containing portions of the Bible in Arabic. Until recently, however, these translations remained largely […]

Symposium Review: Some Reflections

Four Quick Lessons…

Around 60 people attended the December 7th symposium on Muslim Views of the Bible: past and present (anyone who wishes can listen to three of the four talks here).

Obviously we could only touch on some of the issues in such a broad area of research, but some important themes came out. Looking back on the day, I was glad […]