Volf – Do We Worship the Same God?

Volf, Miroslav, 2012, Do We Worship the Same God?  Jews, Christians and Muslims in dialogue, Grand Rapids, MI: Eerdmans, 166pp, pb, $20, ISBN 978-0-8028-6689-9
Often the differences between the three Abrahamic religions — Judaism, Christianity, and Islam — seem more obvious than their commonalities, leading to the question “Do we worship the same God?” Can the answer be “yes” without denying […]

The Wisdom of Islam and the Foolishness of Christianity

Shumack, Richard, 2014, The Wisdom of Islam and the Foolishness of Christianity, Island View Publishing , 240pp, pb
Contrary to popular perception, Muslims view Islam as a deeply rational faith and take pride in its philosophical tradition. At the same time, many thoughtful Muslims view Christian belief as being, at best paradoxical, and at worst nonsensical. Until now, many Muslim objections […]